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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Please have a good holiday and be safe. Don't spend all day on our computers make sure you spend some of the day with families and loved ones!

Happy Holiday,
Destined Krono's Staff Team.


| Posted by Decipher | 26th of November

Update Log;

Home Npcs Have been Moved to a move suitable position.
Home Received alot of TLC.
Hardcore ironman is now fully released and working including an announcement in game on death.
Wildy Mammoths Moved to Level 13 Obelisk.
Added Ghost to Level 17 Wildy North east Chaos Altar.
Magic Shop Changed - Increased all Runes from 1000 - 10000.
Range Shop - Increased all arrows from 1000 - 10000.

New Launcher / Auto Updater

| Posted by Decipher | 26th of November

I would like everyone to hear about some good news! we managed to get our own Loader that includes a auto updater so no more client downloads! This will be a huge step in the right direction for our server hope everyone enjoys.