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Dedicated OSRS Server

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Seeking that nostalgic OSRS feeling? How about that sucessful merching method? You found your new home!

  • First One

    Latest OSRS Content

    We are please to say we strive for the latest OSRS content.

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  • second one

    Detailed Updates

    We strive to focus on not only bugs we know about but bugs you guys ::report first hand.

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  • third gym training

    Dedicated Staff Members

    Credit goes to our Staff Members for their help and dedication!

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  • fourth muscle

    We have Raids!

    Take on some raids with your friends and earn some great rewards. Group upto 7 people!

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  • training fifth

    Construction Coming Soon!

    That's right construction is in the works and will be release once it's completed.

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  • gym training

    Feedback and Updates

    We can only grow based on what you guys want us to add, so don't be shy to voice your thoughts!

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